“Essays are superb!”  David T, Ann Arbor, MI

“6 for 6!! And she was given a large scholarship to her top choice. Our mouths dropped open when we found out!” Jeanne, Providence, RI

“His essay blew me away. It was so honest, I could hear him talking.” Kathy, Weston, MA

“You have been absolutely invaluable in this whole process – your insights, smart approach, thoughtful answers, and incredible helpfulness. In addition, you really care.” Ann, Weston, MA

“You have done an amazing job. I am telling all my friends about you.” Sarah W., Weston, MA

“I wish we had found you for Scott’s older sister. Maybe she would have been accepted to Dartmouth, too.” Nan P., Barrington, RI

“You did the job in half the time and half the price that I paid for my older daughter’s college coach. And his essay was better.” Wendy G., Greenwich, CT

“Our coach went beyond the call of duty. She helped with everything and calmed the entire family.” Jennifer W., Warwick, RI

“Your methods brought out the best in my son’s writing. Not only was he accepted Early Decision but he received an unexpected merit-based scholarship! We can’t thank you enough.” Jill F., Weston, MA

“She wrote the best essay of her life! She was accepted to all 8 colleges and with large scholarships. We can’t thank you enough.” Nan C., Weston, MA

“I still don’t know how you do it, but James got accepted to Harvard. He has been dreaming about this since he was around 10 years old. We had been on a vacation to Cape Cod and decided to take the kids to Cambridge for a day. Luckily we had found you when he was in the 10th grade and you helped structure his high school years. We would never had known about all those national competitions to enter. Thank you for all of your support.” Sarah and Jack W., Brentwood, TN

“The Independent Research Project that Dr. Martin created for our daughter went far beyond any of our expectations. Christina became so enthralled with the topic that she used the project as a basis for a scholarship, merit-based, and is now a finalist! The small investment we made with CollegeStartOnline will hopefully produce a big payoff with the scholarship. So grateful.” Ellie L, RI

“My daughter started working with her coach at 9:30am and finished her entire Common App at 2:30pm. We simply couldn’t believe it because she has ADHD and has never responded to anyone like this! Great essays and Activity List.” Jackie E., Lincoln, MA

“We called Dr. Martin after my son was rejected from his ED school. She changed the topic of his Short Answer (from soccer to work experience) and helped re-focus the Personal Essay and Supplement Questions. Justin was accepted to all 8 colleges he then applied to. What a difference Dr. Martin’s strategy made.” Sarah F, Weston, MA

“My daughter had a very high GPA but low SATs and ACTs. Dr. Martin re-focused her essays and made direct conections between my daughter’s goals and the colleges to which she applied. My daughter is now very happy and is doing great in her freshman year.” Leslie G., Ann Arbor, MI

“My son had a high GPA and SATs, but is very shy and gets tongue-tied at interviews. Dr. Martin and Ms. Manning coached him over the summer. When he came out of his first interview, he was actually smiling and said he enjoyed talking to the interviewer. My husband and I were then speechless. Several months later he received his acceptance letter to Amherst.” Rebecca F., Newton, MA

“I think the reason we are so happy with CollegeStartOnline is that our coach made us come to terms with a realistic college list right from the start. This list is different from what the school counselor suggested. We trusted Dr. Martin, it was just an instinct, and now our daughter is thrilled with her ED acceptance. The essays and supplement materials that Dr. Martin helped with were terrific. Ms. Manning was outstanding with helping her with her interview skills. We can’t thank you enough. We have two more children who will be contacting CollegeStartOnline.” Eileen W., East Greenwich, RI

“At first I was reluctant to allow my daughter to use a consultant to help with her essays, I felt that she should do them on her own. My wife felt differently as she was the point person for getting my daughter through the application process. I am so glad now that we used CollegeStartOnline. The whole process was relatively painless, less crying, less hysteria. Our coach calmed everyone down and my daughter completed her essay writing in one day. Then we employed our coach to actively help in the college search and strategy. That was the best part. The whole family got involved with the College Matrix that Dr. Martin created to help students really assess what kind of school they want to go to. The whole experience with CollegeStartOnline has been a success. My daughter was accepted to her ED college, Connecticut College! The first thing we did was to call our coach and thank her.” Neil F., Wayland, MA

“Our twin daughters had very different views on where they wanted to go to college. CollegeStartOnline was able to distinguish between the two girls very quickly, evaluate each girl’s goals, and then create solid reach-match-safety lists. After helping with their essays, their coach created a strategy for their Early Decision and Early Action choices. A daily list was created and we checked tasks off one by one. What we thought was going to be an exponential nightmare with two girls turned out to be a well-organized learning experience. We can’t thank you enough!” Lisa C, Chicago

“We Homeschool our children and didn’t have a clue on what to do for transcripts, essays, interviews. Our coach educated us on all the ins and outs of the college application process. Organization was the key for our family. Not only did Joan set our oldest child on the right path, but got our two younger ones making better choices with class work and extracurricular activities. CollegeStartOnline is the best tip I can give to any Home School family.” Rachel M., Warwick, RI

“I just got accepted to my top choice college. I’m so excited! I legit started crying I was so happy! Thank you so much for your guidance!” Julia, Weston, MA

“Amazing! I never thought I could write an essay like this. The questions you asked me were great. I still can’t believe that we created the essay simply from those questions.” Jack W., Omaha, NE

“It was so much easier working with you than having my mom edit my essays. I never felt like you were judging me. I also felt that you thought I was smart. I think you brought out my best writing. Thank you so much.” Katie F., Wellesley, MA

“I felt like I could tell you exactly how I felt and then we were able to write the Personal Essay. My parents were surprised that I had those feelings.” Alexa A., Wayland, MA

“Thank you for helping me transfer to UConn. The essays demonstrated my need to transfer and how perfect UConn’s programs would be for me. The essays were really to the point.” Brad P., Bedford, NH

“ED to Columbia! Thank you for everything, especially the interview training. I would never have known how to take charge of an interview.” Jack, Ojai

“I just received my ED Acceptance into MIT! Everyone who applies has very high SATs and GPA, so I am sure that the strategy that you created and the essays you helped with sent me to the top!” Jenna F., Providence, RI

“Joan was like a fairy godmother. She swooped down and made everything right.” Tony G., Newport

“Just was accepted to my first choice college. I think it was the interview that put me over because my GPA and SATs were just under the average. Thank you Caroline for all of your help this summer.” Sara G., Cranston, RI

“I’m going to William and Mary and I couldn’t be more excited. I never thought to include this in my list, but my coach suggested it and I believe this is the place for me! Can’t wait to go. Thank you.” Karen M., Springfield, MA

“I’m in total shock! I just got accepted to Yale. Thank you for making me rewrite those supplement essays over and over. I just went back to read them and every word was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Sophie, ex-pat in Geneva, Switzerland

“I was sorry to see our sessions end. You provided so much support and I felt that you really understood what I was trying to say. I was so surprised when the essay was done, it was like magic. You asked questions and I answered them, and then the essay was done. It was painless.” John H., Newport, RI

“I wrote a Personal Essay prior to working with Joan. After her analysis, I ripped it up and started over. I totally got what she was saying. Joan suggested a different topic to bring out different traits in my personality. We worked together for about an hour, she checked in every 20 minutes to make sure I was on the right path, and I finished before lunch. I am so happy with my new essay.” Sarah, Providence

“Duke! I can’t believe it, I was so scared when I heard the ED applications this year went up 23%. My coach told me to just follow the strategy, send my ping file, and to make application to all the colleges on the list that we created together. That sort of took my mind off Duke, but it was my first choice and I really wanted to go there. Thank you so much, Dr. Martin, for helping with everything and for calming me down. I think it was the supplement that made my application stand out.” Jessica W., Cambridge, MA

“I did what you told me – I sent in my ping file to the geographic rep with all my recent achievements in mid-November. My grades had improved and I had gotten an award. I never would have known to do this. My mother and I kept checking off the list you created for the college strategy and it worked.” ED to Lehigh! Katie, NYC

“After working with Dr. Martin, I finally understood the inner-workings of a 5 paragraph essay and the importance of the Thesis Statement. She taught me more about essay writing in one day than I learned in 4 years at high school.” Sam G., University of Chicago

“I needed a one minute video for a supplement question. My coach came up with a great idea – how to make 4 lunch bags in one minute for my family at 6 am, Rachel Ray style. This is one of my daily chores at home and my coach thought the college might get a better insight into my family and life if I did this. When I received my ED acceptance and scholarship, I emailed a thank you to the geographic rep. The email I received back raved about the video – I think that’s what sealed my acceptance and scholarship.” Renata R., Winchester

“I was going to apply to 20 colleges but CollegeStart’s College Matrix helped me eliminate 10 of my original list. I could then focus on the remaining 10 and actually got into all of my EA colleges. I think it was because I could focus better on a smaller number of supplements thus making better applications.” Sky M., Beverly Hills, CA

“If any student is reading this, please follow the advice from CollegeStartOnline. I didn’t, I followed the advice from my school counselor and my own head. Everything that my coach had predicted happened, and that was not how I wanted it. So, during Christmas vacation the coach and I rewrote everything and I then applied to a whole new set of colleges. The coach actually worked with me up to 9 pm on New Year’s Eve just so I could get everything in by the deadlines. I was accepted to all the new colleges and am very happy to have some great choices. Thank you so much.” Michael R., Barrington, RI

“Your guidance was highly personal, wildly efficient, very effective, hands-on, and more stress-free than expected. And our daughter got into her top choice college with scholarship!”Lisa, Weston, MA

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