Can you pass the “broken leg” test?

If you break your leg the week before freshman year starts and are unable to continue in your sport, will you be able to survive the four-year curriculum and be an outstanding contributor to campus life without participating in sports?

That is what the admissions committee must answer in order to admit you, the recruited athlete.

Your admission to college is not only based on the coach’s suggestion, but on a hard look by admissions officers. Sometimes, the coach gets a few “free tickets”, but those are reserved for the absolute best athletes.

The rest of the recruited athletes must pass the minimum academic index threshold. Your grades and SAT/ACT scores will be compared to the average student’s academic index. Yours can be just a fraction lower.

In the Ivy League, it is more definite – you must be within 1 standard deviation of the average academic index.

The next test is much like any other student applying. Your application has to stand out against the other 20,000 applicants. Your Common Application will be scrutinized from the Activity List to the Personal Essay to the Additional Information Page to the Supplement Essays.

It all matters because it is within these pages that the admissions officers can tell if you will contribute something to the campus if you have broken your leg.


We provide you with the ammunition of a dynamite Common Application to persuade the admissions office that you are the perfect applicant!

We provide you with a “Recruited Athlete Package” which consists of both a zip file and a hard copy file to present to the coach on July 1, the official start date of recruiting. The package itself consists of all necessary data: the athlete resume; the traditional resume; all application essays and activity list; and CDs and/or YouTube links.

We also have a renowned coach on staff to advise you on all the ins and outs of recruiting.

The important point is to be organized and we can help you be the determined, organized athlete that they want to recruit. Just as importantly, we can help you create those essays that will delight the admissions office and present you as a serious student that any college would be proud to have.


We help recruited athletes at all types of colleges. We even help future Olympians prepare the perfect academic picture for the admissions offices. There is virtually nothing that we haven’t seen in the recruitment process and we can help you read between the lines.

“The coach couldn’t believe how organized I was. I had everything he needed to present my case to the admissions office. I wasn’t his first choice in terms of talent but he told me he needed someone like me on the team who was determined and knew how to get things done.”Justin, Wellesley, MA

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