Prep Boarding Schools



Many independent schools now use a universal application called Gateway to Prep Schools. It is an online application website that helps the student and family navigate the application process.

In addition to the traditional biographical data, students are requested to answer questions and write essays. We can help the student organize his thoughts by asking the right questions.

Our methods elicit interesting aspects of the student’s personality and the answers/writing is always in the student’s own voice. It is important that the students sound like a 12-13 year old and not like a parent or coach has written the answer.

We can also help organize and edit the parents’ comments.

Be prepared for prep school applications by being organized. We can help!

“Joan was a tremendous help with organizing my son’s thoughts for his essays while keeping the language in his own voice and age appropriate. She also helped straighten out our parents’ comments. We couldn’t be more thankful.”Leslie, Greenwich, CT

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