January 2, 2017 How to Deal with Early Admissions Rejection

CollegeStartOnline encourages students to apply early decision or early action to improve their chances of being admitted. However, students sometimes over-reach their GPA and ACT/SAT index and are deferred or rejected. Written application materials cannot overcome a minimum GPA or ACT/SAT.

While rejection is never easy, don’t despair! Receiving the decision earlier in the admissions cycle provides you with more time to “fall in love” with other colleges on your list. If you have been working with us, we have provided you with a wide variety of colleges which are realistic choices – safety, likely, and reach.

We are sure that you will thrive at any of these colleges; we took a lot of time in the beginning to get the list right. Based on our years of experience, we have found that students do indeed “fall in love” with the colleges that they eventually attend. Generally, when you step onto campus, you will forget all about the college from which you were once rejected.

Get involved in your studies and find some activities that interest you. However, please remember that if you are still unhappy, you can always transfer. Study for all A’s and form bonds with your professors as you will need current recommendations to transfer.



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