• Do you like solving problems?
  • Are you fascinated by how machines work?
  • Ever taken apart a computer?
  • Ever built a computer?

Engineering and Computer Science majors have become two of the hottest majors in recent years.

Out of 35 students with whom CollegeStartOnlie worked over the 2015-16 application season, 11 intended on majoring in either Engineering or Computer Science.


Three members of our staff are MIT graduates. We are so familiar with Engineering and Computer Science departments across the country that we can help put you into the right program for your specific interests.

More importantly, CollegeStartOnline can help you create an application that flows from the Activity List to the Personal Essay to the Additional Information Page (extra essay).

CollegeStartOnline knows what to emphasize and how to present the information to make you the person that admissions committees want to accept!

CollegeStartOnline will bring out those traits and aspects of your academic history and personality that demand admissions committees’ attention.


Decide what type of engineering or computer science program you are interested in studying.

Though most universities offer broad-based curriculums, they may be well-known for certain specialties. Align your interests with those specializations.

The critical step to getting accepted to the college of your choice is to construct a college list that is realistic based on your GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

These programs are so competitive that CollegeStartOnline recommends starting early to construct your college list and visit those campuses.

“I am sure that the essays that Joan helped me develop got me into Carnegie Mellon – my first choice. I can’t thank Joan and her editors for making my dream come true.”Brendan, Austin, TX

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