College Campus Tour Tips

College Campus Tour Tips:

  1. Be prepared. Both parent and student should review the website prior to attending any campus tour. Why? You won’t be asking questions that could be answered from the website and you will be asking better questions.
  2. From the time you step out of the car, parent and child should be best friends, laughing and having a good time with each other. Why? You never know whom you will be walking next to. I have had more than several reports from students that the person to whom they asked directions was, in fact, the Director of Admissions who identified himself and asked the student’s name. Home run if you’re smiling and polite.
  3. Make sure you view the freshman dorms. Can you be comfortable there? If you are a science major, view the labs. Everyone should view the Fitness Center.
  4. Your tour guides will be students. Ask them only questions that students can answer like: What are the classes like? What’s the social life like, etc. Do not ask them questions about financial aid, how admissions works or accommodations for special needs. Ask only administration for those types of questions.
  5. You are just on campus to get a feel for it. Do you think that you can fit in with the students that you see?
  6. After tours, you should be able to answer questions like: Do I ant a small, medium, or big campus? Do I want to be in a college town or a big city? How far do I want to be from home?
  7. Use the College Choice Matrix to determine what is most important to you. It’s in Section 3 of the How to Jumpstart the College Application Process. This eBook is given to all students who have signed up for our program.

Good luck with your College Campus Tours!


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