Consistent with national trends, CollegeStartOnline has seen a dramatic increase in its students choosing a business/management major.

Not only are there higher numbers of students applying for a business major but not all colleges/universities have a business major.

Meaning – there are fewer spots for an increased number of applicants.


Gain an advantage over the competition by having CollegeStartOnline guide you through the application process. We have a lot of data on who gets in where PLUS we know how to craft a successful application.

Business departments seek very specific types of students. We can bring those traits out in your application. We know what they are.

Throughout your entire application, you will be instructed in how to highlight those traits evidenced by specific examples and experiences in your life. Don’t worry –we’ll help you find them!

Additionally, we will teach you how to take charge of an interview. You will exhibit leadership by the specific methods that we teach. Don’t leave this to chance.

“Got accepted into BC Management! I know it was the essay because my ACT score was a bit low. Thank you so much! ”Brendan, Wellesley, MA

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