10 Great Universities that Offer Rolling Admissions

While most universities require that students apply by specific deadlines, many universities offer rolling admissions. These universities accept applications throughout the year and make admissions decisions on a first-come, first-serve basis, and continue to accept applications until all spots in their incoming freshman classes have been filled.


Of the 89 universities in the United States that offer rolling admissions, 13 of them are ranked among the country’s top 100 universities by the U.S. News and World Report. Those include:


  1. Pennsylvania State University (Nov. 30 priority date; 51% acceptance rate)
  2. Purdue University (Feb. 1 priority date; 59% acceptance rate)
  3. University of Pittsburgh (No priority date; 54% acceptance rate)
  4. Rutgers University (Dec. 1 priority date; 58% acceptance rate)
  5. University of Minnesota (Dec. 15 priority date; 45% acceptance rate)
  6. Michigan State University (Nov. 1 priority date; 66% acceptance rate)
  7. Binghamton University (Jan. 15 priority date; 42% acceptance rate)
  8. Indiana University (Feb. 1 priority date, 78% acceptance rate)
  9. University of Tulsa (Feb. 1 priority date; 42% acceptance rate)
  10. Stony Brook University (Jan. 15 priority date; 41% acceptance rate)


Many of these institutions suggest that students apply by their priority dates, which may give them an advantage over latecomers. By applying to a university with rolling admissions, you will receive your admissions decision much more quickly than you will with universities to which you apply regular decision. Plus, you can apply even after the priority date has passed should one of these universities catch your attention later in the application cycle.


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